Challenge: Finally Quell the Masses!
Egyptian Challenge Quests
Giver(s)King Narmer
CityCapital City
PreviousChallenge: Quell the Masses Again!
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Challenge: Finally Quell the Masses! is a Quest featured in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Challenge Quests.

Quest Objectives Edit

Complete construction of three Pyramids in the heart of the Badari lands.

  • Large Pyramid Completed: 0/1
  • Small Pyramids Completed: 0/2

Rewards Edit


Strategy & TipsEdit

  • You can age up to 3 as the first thing you do for a great advantage. This will give you Fortresses, and seeing as you already have a good portion of starting resources you should be able to build several in key positions during the first wave.
  • Food and Wood is going to be your biggest challenge here, in that order. Once one is taken care of, try to get the other under control. Farms can, and should be built adjacent to the Large Pyramid . This way they will be mostly out of reach from the attacking Villagers, but will let your own Villagers walk over them to be able to work on the Large Pyramid.
  • Walls , even simple wooden ones, are the greatest deterent against attacking Villagers . They are so weak they cannot break through even in numbers. Funneling enemies into your Guard Towers and Fortresses with basic Walls will give you some peace of mind.
  • Once you complete your objective all enemies turn docile and you are free to explore unharmed.

Guarded Loot Edit

There are 3 Treasure Chests on this map. One to the North-West, One to the South-East, and one to the South-West.

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

All right, one last set of Pyramids and we're done... I promise! Complete construction of three more Pyramids among the Badari villages in the area.
Expect more resistance. Unrest among the people is troubling, but these last sites will prove once and for all that we are the new rulers of these lands!
Are the Pyramids complete?
How many Pyramids do we have now... six? Nice!
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