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Celtic Charcoal MatIconsCelticCharcoal.png
Use:Used to craft items and construct city buildings
Sell Price: 1 Coin.png per unit

Celtic Charcoal is a material used to build buildings and craft items. Currently known to be an item for building the Celtic 20-slot warehouse, Boudicca's Bounty.


Celtic Charcoal can be earned every 12 hours by playing the repeatable quest Trade for Celtic Charcoal (Generally taking less than 7 minutes)

Used in the following blueprints[]

Grand Architect's Masterpiece

Grand Architect Master's Masterpiece

Medium Celtic Residence

Large Celtic Residence

Boudicca's Bounty

Used to make the following items[]

Fine Torc

Superior Torc

Remarkable Torc

Ornate Torc

Superb Torc

Obsidian-Inlaid Torc

Ivory-Inlaid Torc

Bran's Training Torc

Mark of the Horseman

Mark of the Ram

Mark of the Sergeant

Mark of the Captain

Mark of the Guard

Brand of the Stalking Raven

Brand of the Savage Boar

Brand of the Charging Bull

Brand of the Fleet Stag

Brand of the Four Winds

Brand of the Waning Moon

Battle Brand of Lugh

Battle Brand of Nuada Silverhand

Fine War Horn

Superior War Horn

Exalted Horn of Carnage