These buildings allow for the purchase of NON-TRADABLE (even between your own civs) high quality gear.

In the case of any of these being difficult to find, feel free to add Kenji03 in the launcher, all of these can be found in his Norse civilization's capital city. (Accepting of friend request is not required to be able to visit capital cities).

Level 27 gear Edit

Uncommon Armaments & Uncommon Defenses

Level 31/32 Gear Edit

Reputable Rare Rewards & Respectable Rare Ramparts

Level 40 Gear Edit

Exquisite Epic Edges & Elegant Epic Escutcheons

Level 27/32/40 Gear Edit

Sturdy Staves and Slings

"Surprise Mechanics" Edit

Moe's Mystorium - Gambling for coins or gear via coins

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