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Incomplete pages are those made by Kenji_03. They generally have three or more pictures of the quest with the page info able to be discerned from these.

  • The first photo is usually the "-New" one, with the new quest dialog and showing the quest objectives and rewards.
    • If the new quest dialog is larger then one speech bubble, the second photo will be the missing dialog that was cut out of the first, with the original being "-New1" and the second being "-New2".
  • The second photo is usually the "-InProgress", which has the dialog for the in-progress quest as well as the bottom of the rewards menu (in case the rewards list is longer then one window)
  • The third photo is usually the "-Completed", which has the dialog the NPC will give when the quest has been completed.

You can help by taking the info from these photos, and filling in the relevant dialogs in the wiki page.

Info from the photos[]

Quest Objectives - This can be copied from the text of the first photo.
Rewards - This can be copied (usually) from the second or third photo (message Кэне_零三 10:58, June 4, 2019 (UTC) if you have any questions in how to use the wiki format)
Quest Giver Quotes - This is just copying and pasting the big speech bubbles into the New=, InProgress=, and Complete= fields after the equal sign.

Bonus credit[]

Infobox - Make sure the information here reflects the information about the quest (previous quest, next quest, etc -- this may require additional work, such as looking at the quest line (ex. Celtic Main Campaign). This is something (Кэне_零三 10:58, June 4, 2019 (UTC)) is willing to do.

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