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Roman Military Building
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Roman Military Building
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The Castellum is a Roman Military Building in Age of Empires Online.


Trains Roman citizen soldiers. It also serves as Age of Empires Online first special Barracks.


  • The barracks can produce the following units (if all of the requirements are met).
SpearmanRoman.png Legionary.png Eques.png
Legionary Eques


The following technologies are available to be researched at the Castellum, but they need to be unlocked from your Capital City for PVE.

Bronze Age[]

SpearmanChampionRoman.png Conditioning.png

Silver Age[]

Praesidium.png CombinedArms.png LegionaryChampion.png
Praesidium Combined

Golden Age[]

EquesChampion.png BellumRomanum.png Close-CombatExpertise.png

Equipment Slots[]

Bow.png Arrows.png ReinforcedConstruction.png ConstructionAddition.png
Bow Arrows Reinforced


The Castellum and Praesidium models were first revealed in the Weekly Blog #2: Roman Farms and Storehouses Project Celeste forum post on June 1st, 2019. It will train the Roman "citizen" soldiers.

Castellum appearance in Age 1

Though the Castellum appears in the Romans trailer, we have not yet explained it. As many of you deduced from its architecture, the Castellum is the Roman Barracks. It also serves as AoEO’s first special Barracks.
As discussed in more detail in our Building Design blog, the Barracks is one of the 13 Common Buildings that every civilization in Age of Empires Online has by default and that always appear in a specific age. In almost all cases, every Common Building in every civ is identical. However, there are two exceptions, Improved Buildings and Advanced Buildings.
The Castellum, however, stands out as the game’s only Advanced version of the Barracks.
As an Advanced Building, the Roman Castellum still appears on schedule in Age 1, but it is simply much better than a regular Barracks. (Similar to how the Norse Outpost (trains units) is better than a Watch Post and how the Norse Longhouse (larger, garrisons villagers) is better than a House.)

Praesidium technology upgrade

The Roman Castellum is better than a regular Barracks because in Age 3, you can research the Praesidium technology that turns the Castellum into a mini-Fortress that has significantly more health than a regular Barracks and can attack enemy units as long as there are villagers garrisoned inside. Though we have not yet begun balancing the Civ, we expect that the DPS of the arrow fire will increase with every villager garrisoned.

During the July 6th, 2019 forum post Weekly Blog #7: Dock, Fishing Boat, Roman Wood the development team revealed another model for the Castellum.

Updated Castellum with the new wood textures.

A few days ago when we were fussing with the final Fishing Boat design to prepare for today’s post, we realized that its wood color was totally different than the color of the wood in some siege units [...] Upon closer inspection, we realized that each of the Original 6 civs have their own unique color and type of wood that tends to appear across the board in its Ships, Siege Units, and Buildings. But our Romans had all sorts of different colored wood everywhere.

New Praesidium model vs the old one.

The Praesidium received a redesign and a new model was showed in the Weekly Blog #10: Forum, Cretan Bowman, Armory forum post on July 27th, 2019.

We adjusted the Praesidium's design based on the feedback we have gotten, this is how the new version of the Praesidium looks like.