Celtic Ranged Unit
Age AvailableGoldenAgeIcon Golden Age
Attack Range18
Hit Points350
Sight Range20
Train Time25 s.
Food 0 Wood 110 Gold 70 Population 3
Armor vs. ranged0.50
Bonus vs. ranged3 (2.5)
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The Carpentom is a Celtic Ranged Unit in Age of Empires Online. *Carpentom Carpentom

History Edit

The chariot was a popular tool of war in Celtic armies, who used them to great effect against Greek and Roman troops. They were often employed in surprise attacks, using the chariots' mobility to quickly transport troops over long distances.

'Carpentom' is the Latin form of 'Carbanto', a Celtic word for chariot. It is the root word for such modern English terms as 'car', 'cart', and 'carpenter'.


Carpentom In-game

Overview Edit

  • A durable chariot, the Carpentom excels at defeating other large Ranged units.
  • Throws multiple spears at once, allowing for multiple simultaneous attacks at once.

Equipment Slots Edit


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