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Caravan (Egyptian)
Egyptian Economy Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon.png Bronze Age
Hit Points300
Sight Range15
Train Time15 s.
Carry Capacity150
Food.png 50 Wood.png 50 Gold.png 0 Population 1
Armor vs. ranged(0.3)
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The Caravan is an Egyptian Economy Unit in Age of Empires Online.

PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().


  • Worker unit. Trades between Markets and Town Centers for Gold.
  • Trained at the Market
  • Available after the Bronze Age.

Special Abilities[]

Main article: Caravan Trading
  • Trade: The caravan is generally a late-game source of Gold after Gold Mines become exhausted. By setting up a trade route between a Market and Town Center, a caravan will travel between the two points and generate Gold each time it reaches the Market. The longer the trade route, the more gold is generated.

Equipment Slots[]


The following technologies can be used improved the abilities of the Egyptian Caravan during a mission.