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The Capital City is the player's main city which functions as a customizable "character" or "avatar". Each player can have one Capital City per civilization.[1]


The Capital City can be played and built according to player's likeness, it starts from Level One with only a Palace, Empire Bazaar, 16-slot warehouse (plus a 20-slot warehouse on Pro civs), Port, Embassy, and General Store. Decorative structures, called "Vanity Items", and buildings can be placed in the city from blueprints. Some city buildings have in-game functionality, such as producing materials and crafting items.[2]

[...] From your Capital City you will strengthen your economy, improve your technologies, and embark on quests to expand your influence across the Mediterranean. Custom-design your Capital City as it grows into a center for civilization, using blueprints to build custom buildings that open doors to the rest of the world.[3]

Upon Civilization creation, the player is requested to name his Capital City. Since the Anniversary Update, this name can be changed (in exchange for Empire Points).

Welcome to Age of Empires Online[]

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The following is a welcome that you receive when starting your Capital City.[4]

Greetings Great Ruler! Congratulations on starting your Empire!
This humble Capital City will one day be the jewel of the world. For now, the people need your attention if we're all to thrive and prosper.
Talk to the Quest Giver to receive your first quest and start your journey into world domination.

Inventory Capacity

The starting warehouse(s) are not removable, and players are limited to 5 warehouses total, so the maximum amount of inventory space possible is 112 (16+24+24+24+24) for Basic civs, and 108 (16+20+24+24+24) for pro civs.


Some of the blueprints can be obtained as loot from Quests and can be bought from certain shops. Others, like the weapon and armor stores can be obtained randomly from chests.

List of buildings for Capital Cities[]