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But Wait There's More! (Egyptian)
Egyptian Premium Quests
Giver(s)Marcus Pollux
CityCapital City
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But Wait There's More! is a Quest in Age of Empires Online given to the players that purchase the Premium Egyptian Civilization Pack.

Quest Objectives[]

Complete this quest to receive several gifts.

  • Collect your Gifts from Marcus Pollux


Choose One Of
  • Magnificent Fury x5
  • Heroic Aid x5
  • Crippling Debilitation x5
You Will Also Receive
  • Ma'Terial's Tomb
  • Large Obelisk x2

Quest Giver Dialog[]

Marcus Pollux
Hail and well met, traveler!
As a part of your recent purchase, I have special gifts for you! Be sure to check out my Empire Bazaar. Perhaps you will find something else you need.