Patch Notes Build # 5428[1]

Legendary Gear and Quests Edit

Free content update—available at level 40 Legendary features

  • Dozens of new Legendary rarity items!
  • Get Legendary gear for Coin!
  • 5 new Legendary quests in Cyprus for level 40 players who have completed “The Twelve Kingdoms”

Tantalizing Topiary: Empire Extras Edit

10 animal topiary species that you can use as many times as you like to beautify your Capital City.

Patch Notes Edit

Defense of Crete Edit

  • Co-op rewards are now consistently granted for clients who own the booster.
  • Rewards Update
    • Added 1 loot chest from the standard quest pool (not the custom Crete Loot Table) to all Crete quests (even “Elite Meet in Crete”)
    • Made sure the Weekly quest, "Elite Meet in Crete," yields level 40 rewards
    • The Challenge difficulty setting now yields level 39 or 40 rewards for players of at least level 38 or higher (to get level 40 chests, select 20 or 30 waves in addition to Challenge or Impossible)
    • Increased XP for all standard invasion quests by 20-30%
    • Increased Coin reward for 20 waves by 20-30% on average
    • Increased Coin reward for 30 waves by 30-50% on average
    • Boosted Coin reward for "Elite Meet in Crete" from 300 to 5000 Coin
  • Restarting quests should no longer cause reward display issues.
  • Defense of Crete quests now display in the Quest Map UI.
  • Enemies on Lasithi Plateau have been given better directions to the Wonder.

Sparta PvP Edit

  • Adjusted matchmaking priorities to emphasize level-matching above connection quality.
  • Changed Ranked Leaderboards to display default sorting by Trueskill.
  • Added Joe’s Jeopardorium to Sparta, selling random treasure chests for Sparta Points.
  • Updated Sparta Point PvP reward amounts and costs of store-bought Spartan items.
  • The PvP map "Black Forest" no longer spawns players in the middle of giant forests with no way to escape.

Updates Edit

  • Added improvements and significant pauses and server verification to the player trade confirmation window.
  • Items bought at Windy’s Wild Widgets now require a Premium Civilization purchase.
  • You can now access the Gear Hall in all regions, but not in quests. When in a region, it’s accessible through the keyboard shortcut (default “G”) or by right-clicking on items in your inventory. And the crowd goes wild.
  • Equipping gear no longer requires using Apply at the Gear Hall.
  • Mail is now accessible from all regions with an Embassy.
  • Item tooltip formatting and layout has been revised.
  • Item tooltips now always display the sell value of the item, even when not at a store.
  • Recipes now have “Recipe:” in the item title and linked Recipes now say “Recipe:” instead of “Crafting Recipe:.”
  • Linked blueprints now display “Blueprint:” in their name so they’re easier to identify.
  • Added a “Return to Capital City” option to the Esc menu. If you’re in a quest, you will receive a confirmation. If you’re in a region, you will automatically return. If you’re in your Capital City, the menu will close.
  • Increased the amount of green relative to red in the berry bush Mini-Map icon and changed the color of huntable animals to brown. Previously, it was difficult to differentiate between berries, huntable animals, and enemies because they were all red.
  • Revised Treasury layout to support more currencies and give it additional organization into “types” of currencies.
  • Changed Wall keyboard shortcut to place an end piece instead of full wall segment.
  • Added button for Empire Handbook to the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug that was keeping hotkeys from appearing when hovering over the icon.
  • Added unique floating icons for all stores.
  • Reduced Recipe costs at the Empire Recipe Stores.
  • Cows are now non-solid.

Quest Fixes Edit

  • Quests not registering units being killed have been fixed.
  • Egyptian access to Argos is no longer blocked during the late stages of the campaign.
  • Several Egyptian starts have been fixed to now include the Priestess of Ra.
  • Several quests with objective arrows have been fixed to better ensure the objective arrows exist.
  • Several quests where placed walls were of the wrong faction have been fixed.
  • Several quests with odd players displaying in the Tribute menu have been fixed.
  • The scout unit, caravan unit, and merchant transport unit are no longer requirements for "Enemies Defeated" quests.
  • The various "Crafting Repeatable" quests have been updated to ensure more consistent behavior. They also no longer support Elite.
  • Efforts have been made to enforce gravity on trees.
  • Cyprus Generals should be significantly more resistant to conversion.
  • Several maps for the Cyprus Kingdoms quests have been updated to improve AI pathfinding.
  • “Visit a Friend” and “Neighborly Defense”
    • Issues blocking the City Ambassador from properly appearing have been fixed.
  • "Defense of Arsinoe"
    • A few early cavalry attacks have been removed. The AI will now be much less likely to stall, and less likely to "over defend" its territory.
  • “The Renegade Escapade Returns”
    • Difficulty has been increased.
    • Treasures have been moved.
    • Catapults have been added.
  • “Take That, Tamiat Pirates!” and “Take That and That, Tamiat Pirates!”
    • The pirates are now more careful with burying their treasures.
    • Patrolling pirate ships have been added.
  • “Uprising” and “Trireme Trim Time”
    • Both of these are now daily quests (repeatable every 12 hours).
  • "Bella Come Home"
    • Players of a civ other than Greece will now get appropriate units for their civilization.
  • "Challenge: Rogues!," "Challenge: More Rogues!," and "Challenge: Lots of Rogues!"
    • Players of a civ other than Greece will now get appropriate Fortresses for their civilization.
  • "Dock Rats"
    • Chest count has been reduced and redistributed.
  • "Never Let Them See You Coming"
    • The map no longer spawns such that routes to the enemy are blocked by Gold Mines.
    • The quest failure conditions now include losing your cart.
  • “The Fishin' Hole”
    • The Nubians no longer behave so indifferently to the presence of the player. They want all of the fish for themselves.
    • The quest no longer supports Co-op or Elite.
    • The quest is now a daily quest (repeatable every 12 hours).
  • "Draco's Legion"
    • Chieftain Draco sits back in his base like a good war chief—no more running into the enemy base just to see what will happen.

AI Edit

  • AI-controlled Villagers no longer chase enemy units until the end of time.
  • AI-controlled Villagers will attempt to place storehouses in more optimal locations for the resources they are gathering.
  • Bugs with the “defense” behavior have been fixed. These bugs would sometimes lead to AI failures and stalled attacks.
  • AI-controlled Villagers will drop off resources when switching tasks and a drop site is near their new work area.

Units Edit

  • Hunting Dogs tech now only gives bonus damage to Villager attacks vs. huntables, not vs. all units.
  • Updated and fixed a few incorrect unit icons.
  • Caravans now collect Gold on initial trade route.

Items Edit

  • Adjusted an issue in which loot rewards for low-level Defense of Crete treasure chests were not dropping at the correct level range.
  • Fixed an issue with Benevolent Plate Siding equipment not showing appropriate bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue with Phaistos’ Horse Armor equipment not showing appropriate bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue with Ancient Trojan Guard Chiton equipment not showing appropriate bonuses.
  • Fixed icon rarity for some blueprint items.
  • Consumable Berry Bushes now display the correct amount of Food.
  • Decreased effectiveness of all Siege Throwing Arm equipment.
  • Decreased effectiveness of Bonus Damage Protection on equipment.
  • Increased effectiveness of Snare Resist on equipment.
  • Increased effectiveness of Conversion Resist on equipment.
  • Increased effectiveness of Healing on equipment.
  • Fixed variances in Movement Speed values on equipment.
  • Fixed a bug in which some consumables could not be split appropriately.
  • Fixed a few blueprints to correctly display that they can’t be traded.
  • Maple Sap is no longer a requirement for Crafting Recipes.
  • Fixed an issue causing the maximum level to be higher than expected for a few pieces of scout equipment.

Known Issues Edit

  • There are 12 quest titles or dialog strings that will appear as numbers in all languages other than English. We are aware of this issue and will be fixing it in an upcoming patch.

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