Build notes for 5233[1][2]

PvP Update: Welcome to Sparta![edit | edit source]

  • Added the Sparta PvP region. To unlock Sparta, accept the "Visit Sparta" quest from your City Ambassador. The quest is available for players who are level 6 or higher, or for players who have completed the quest "A Show of Support". Traveling to the Sparta region automatically logs you into Sparta PvP chat.
  • All forms of PvP and the 1v1 and 2v2 Leaderboards are accessed from the Spartan Arena. There are no more quest log entries. You select the building, choose 1v1 or 2v2, Ranked or Unranked, and press the “Find Match” button to start the matchmaking process. Work on the matchmaking system is still ongoing, feedback will be appreciated.
  • You earn level-appropriate XP and Sparta coin through unranked PvP, and receive your match rewards from the War Commander, who stands just outside of the Spartan Arena. Sparta coin is used to purchase items and gear from stores in the Sparta region. Rewards are still a work-in-progress, and feedback will be appreciated.
  • You can toggle Ranked and Unranked for 1v1 and 2v2. Ranked play currently requires a level 25 Capital City. Unranked matches have no leaderboard.
  • The Mercenary Hall no longer has any functionality. It can be packed up and sold to a store for Coin, or you can keep it in your Capital City.
  • The quest to build the Mercenary Hall has been marked as obsolete. Please abandon the quest to remove it from your quest log.
  • All old PvP quests have been marked as obsolete. If you have any of these quests in your quest list, they will display as "OBSOLETE - ABANDON TO REMOVE" Please abandon any quests with this title.

Trueskill Update[edit | edit source]

The current implementation of TrueSkill is very simple, matching and calculating rank based on wins and losses. We have a number of possible knobs to turn to improve the matching, but we need people to use this system as-is so we can collect data to improve it for launch.

TrueSkill is a global system that measures the skill of the player independent of any external variables. What this means is that per Live ID, you have a single 1v1 Ranked, 1v1 Unranked, 2v2 Ranked, and 2v2 Unranked TrueSkill rank regardless of the shard you’re on, which civilization you’re playing, or the level of your capital city. It’s about your skill with any and all of your civilizations and cities.

Sparta PvP uses TrueSkill matchmaking for matching players in both Unranked and Ranked modes. There are no leaderboards for Unranked; in that mode, TrueSkill is used to find the highest quality match for each player. Ranked players write their results to the Global Leaderboards.

The feedback we’re looking for is descriptions of type and quality (or lack thereof) of matches you get, particularly the first few games. We know, for example, that a player trying PvP for the first time with a city at level 40 and another trying it for the first time with a city at level 5 are considered equally skilled by the TrueSkill system as currently implemented. If and when these two players match, it may not result in the best game for either player. However, the alternative may be “no match found” for both players, which is even less ideal.

We also want to know if match quality improves the more games you play: 10 games in, 20 games in, etc. TrueSkill is designed to improve over time as it gets “confidence” in your skill level, and we want to see if it auto-corrects without us needing to tweak the formula.Thanks in advance for any feedback you provide us on this feature.

Secure Player Trading[edit | edit source]

  • Added the right-click action “Trade” on any Gamertag for an online player. This sends a trade request to that player, and causes the Trade UI to appear on both players’ screens. Each player adds coin and/or items from their inventories, both players click accept, and the trade is processed and validated by the server.

Campaign Update[edit | edit source]

  • Argos revision work has begun (detailed quest changes below). The overall goals for this first pass were:
  • Began incorporating more variety in enemy and player starting conditions
  • Adjust quests that are overly difficult or overly easy
  • Began Incorporating basic updates to enemy AI data (gear being used, build orders, tech tree access, etc…)
  • This work is underway and incomplete, feedback will be appreciated.
  • The Ambassador and his first few quest lines have been developed. This new quest giver is associated with the Embassy building, and offers three styles of quest (detailed below):
    • Invitations to new regions in the world
    • Invitations to the Capital Cities of friends
    • Repeat-able quests to do when visiting the Capital Cities of friends (which offer rewards for both players)
    • Greek campaign work has focused on bug fixes, and targeted quest changes in response to player feedback.
    • Access to Argos has been made less complex, and more open for players who level by means other than single player questing.
  • Treasure Chest Farming
    • Many maps have been updated with new locations for treasure, often more guarded or difficult to get to.
    • Certain maps have had reductions in the number of treasure chests.
    • Certain random map scripts now use a rule-set which significantly keeps treasures far away from the player.

Repeatable Quests[edit | edit source]

  • All repeatable quests are now either Weekly, Daily or No-Restrictions
  • Weekly is defined as: 150 Hours (less than a full week, but allowing players to keep to a schedule)
  • Daily is defined as: 12 Hours
  • Quests that were using either 4, 16, 20, or 24 hour delays are now Daily, so they use a 12 hour delay.
  • The only weekly quests in the game at this time are: “Good Ol' Peepaw” and “Bella, Come Home

DLC Quests[edit | edit source]

  • The Empire Bazaar
    • This quest is given to all players when they complete the quest, "Help The Mycenaean Trader."
    • The quest is designed to give the player the remaining two custom stores that contain decorations only usable by players who have made the required purchase. (The first two of these stores are given as a part of Help the Mycenaean Trader).
  • The Ambassador and Helping a Friend Quests
    • When visiting the Capital City of a friend, new quests will be available from the City Ambassador.
    • A total of 18 new quests divided into three level range brackets have been added. The brackets are structured as follows:
    • 6 quests at Level 5, when the player first unlocks the City Ambassador
    • 6 upgraded variants of the quests at Level 15
    • 6 even further upgraded variants at Level 25
    • Each quest will grant a reward to both the player completing the quest, as well as the player who owns the Capital City.
    • Each quest is a daily repeatable quest.
    • Some of the quests involve starting the player off with very different and mixed factional units, other involve playing against an enemy who will use very different strategies each time the quests are played.
    • These are new quests that are in progress, feedback will be appreciated.

Greek Quests[edit | edit source]

  • First Few Quests: Minor terrain and texture updates to enhance exploration and in some case better highlight some of the placed treasures.
  • New Quest: Craftsmen Rescue (Daily Repeatable)
    • Available after constructing your Crafting Hall, the Crafting Hall Master needs help rescuing several Craftsmen that have been captured by Bandits. Assist and earn your choice of Tier 1 materials.
  • New Quest: Craft Shipment Recovery (Daily Repeatable)
    • Available starting at level 16. The Crafting Hall Master needs help shipments that were stolen by Bandits. Assist and earn your choice of Tier 2 materials.
  • Help The Mycenaean Trader
    • Added mini-map flashes to assist in rescuing the Family Members.
    • Updated visual texture set to the Greek Inland Style which is more appropriate for the setting of this quest.
    • Added a few more odds and ends of enemy mini-camps for the player to discover if they are interested. And treasure too.
  • Eliminating A Threat
    • The enemy base, now revealed more thoroughly, is a bit more substantial.
  • We Found Them
    • Fixed a bug with the enemy resource gathering script. The enemy will now attack and gather resources.
    • The Enemy difficulty has been increased, and is now more adaptive.
    • The Co-op player now begins with several Hetairoi of their own.
  • A Show Of Support
    • If the player manages to kill all of the enemies, all of the refugees realize the threat is gone and rapidly make their way to the safety of the player’s camp.
  • Draco's Legion
    • Captured Huts no longer fill the enemy base – Draco owns his huts!
  • Homer Run
    • Objectives have been adjusted for clarity.
    • Homer's Elite Guard are now called out with a proper hover over and quest highlight.
    • The victory condition is now much more clear: Kill Homer, his Elite Guard, and the enemy Town Center.
  • Here They Come!
    • The Enemy difficulty has been increased, and is now more adaptive.
  • The Bandit Armada
    • The Enemy difficulty has been increased.
    • This is now a repeatable quest.
  • Baby Steps Back To The Throne
    • The Enemy difficulty has been increased, and is now more adaptive.
    • The Co-op player now begins with several Phalanx of their own.
  • Draw Them Out
    • The Enemy difficulty has been adjusted to be less aggressive until the player breaks through their defenses. Then it’s on.
  • Challenge: Keep Them Under Our Wing
    • Fixed several exploits. Free repair on the Advisor Hall is no longer possible. Standing behind the Advisor Hall out of the enemy reach is no longer possible.
  • Show Our Power
    • Fixed the bug that would prevent quest objective completion if enemy units were converted by Priests.
  • Protect Our People
    • The map layout has been adjusted to more clearly position the primary player as the defender of the two allies.
    • Changes have been made to more carefully scale up the enemy attacks.
    • Adaptive attacks have been incorporated to scale difficulty with player skill level.
    • The theme of the map is still managing conflict on more than one front.
    • The rush strategy (which was not the intent of the design) is still viable, but will encounter a more significant enemy base.
    • The survival timer has been dropped from 30 minutes down to 20 minutes.
    • Player starting Age and resources have been increased.
  • Reclaiming The Throne
    • The Enemy difficulty has been increased, and is now more adaptive.
    • The Co-op player now begins with several Hetairoi, Phalanx, and Somatophylax of their own.
  • Take The Beach!
    • Rewards have been updated.
  • Horsing Around
    • Rewards have been updated.
  • What an Egomaniac
    • While still on a daily timer, the Army of Thyesetes has remembered they can create elite units, and are ready for players seeking a challenge at that level.
    • Starting resources for the player have been reduced.
    • Treasures on the map have been gathered up around the Wonder.
    • The non-elite version of the quest now has a significant chance to spawn elite units.
    • The Co-op player will now spawn in with a new base layout and Age 3 enabled.
    • This is one of three quests that will test new co-op friendly starting bases that allow the co-op player to begin at Ages other than Age 1.
  • Defend Mycenae
    • The min-quest level has been increased to 19.
    • The quest giver has been switched to several different quest givers, one in each Greek region. This is a major moment in the campaign that players should not miss!

Argos Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Why Does It Have to be Bandits?
    • An error preventing this high-level quest from being playable has been resolved.
  • Left with No Choice
    • An error preventing this high-level quest from being playable has been resolved.
  • Get Our Houses Back
    • The real genuine Sea People have taken over the role of enemy on this quest. Former second string generic Greek enemies are now looking for work elsewhere.
  • Challenge: Losing Your Religion
    • Both player and Co-op player now begin with an Age 3 starting Fortress.
    • This is one of three quests that will test new co-op friendly starting bases that allow the co-op player to begin at Ages other than Age 1.
    • Bumped starting resources for the players.
    • Reduced timer from 45 minutes to 20 minutes.
    • Increased enemy activity, attacks, and to a lesser extent, defenses.
  • Challenge: Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelet
    • Increased enemy starting base defenses and mobile units, reducing the viability of a quick rush strategy.
    • Rushing is still viable for experienced players, but some degree of base defenses will still be needed.
  • You Complete Me
    • Clearchus (the enemy) now has upgraded bases, making for a more significant battle.
    • The map used is now a resource heavy north versus south map called, "Resource War."
    • The host and client control the Stone Mine side of the map, and the enemy controls the Gold Mines.
    • Player starting resources have been bumped up.
    • The enemy attacks are now using a system that will not hit so much like a sledgehammer as say an arsenal of mallets and knives.
    • Rewards have been significantly increased.
  • Run the Blockade
    • Both player and Co-op player now begin with an Age 3 starting Fortress.
    • This is one of three quests that will test new co-op friendly starting bases that allow the co-op player to begin at Ages other than Age 1.
  • Dock Rats!
    • Enemy AI has been adjusted to be more active, but less overwhelming.
    • The Enemy base has had its Fortress replaced by a set of Guard Towers.
  • Rallying at the Temples
    • Looks like the Elite defenders of Troy actually built three Temples of Troy, not the two as originally reported.
    • To compensate, Agamemnon has increased the player to start at Age 2.
    • Anticipating this move, Paris' Rebellion has shifted elite defenders to mow properly defend the Temples of Troy.
    • Now on a daily timer.
    • Reduced rewards.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced the Material cost of crafting uncommon recipes for level 20+ gear.
  • Revised the Materials needed to build Blueprints.
  • Slightly reduced Material purchase costs at stores.
  • Fixed a bug with T1/T2 Material build times being incorrectly swapped at the Workshop. Additionally, further reduced the build time of T1 Materials to 15 minutes per.
  • Fixed many recipe icon and rarity inconsistencies. Now recipes that make epic items will be epic recipes, instead of common or uncommon.
  • Removed references to Materials in the names of crafted items.
  • Fixed an issue where T3 and T4 Materials were not dropping correctly.
  • Added two new Crafting related quests. Each quest is a daily repeatable, and associated with a specific tier of crafting materials.
  • Craftsmen Rescue: Grants players choice of 100 Tier 1 Materials
  • Craft Shipment Recovery: Grants players choice of 100 Tier 2 Materials (player level 16+ required)
  • Both quests are available from the Crafting Hall Master in your Capital City
  • Changed Repeatable Quest Materials
  • Carnelian is now: Giza Limestone
  • Flax Seed Oil is now: Delphi Limestone
  • Quests related to the new materials have been updated and reward quantity has been adjusted according to the new distributions

Loot[edit | edit source]

  • Loot drop chances revised for many different items.
  • Higher-Level Consumables and Advisors now start dropping around the ages required to use them.
  • Low level Consumables, Advisors and Materials will continue to drop at higher levels.
  • Reduced drop rate of Consumables.
  • Quest Treasure rewards now will only give Equipment, Advisors and Blueprints.
  • Revised sell costs for Advisors, Consumables and Blueprints.
  • Increased cost to purchase Consumables (and Consumable Recipes) at stores.
  • New Quest items have been added and many Quest reward items updated to be more relevant.
  • Added Unusable quality items that drop from guardian treasure.
  • Reduced effectiveness of the five Boots that gave speed bonuses.
  • Increased cost of Treasure chests at Moe’s.

Empire Extras[edit | edit source]

  • Replaced 11 items in the Startling Statuary and Ornate Ornaments stores.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Consumables no longer require resources to use while on a quest.
  • Units spawned by consumables now last indefinitely.
  • Added some Common versions of consumables that could not exist previously due to level requirements.
  • Advisor and Consumable level requirements are now based on Age requirement, not based on rarity.
  • Age terminology has been revised to Copper, Bronze, Silver, Golden.
  • Added minor Coin cost to respec at low levels.
  • Reduced Health of all structures (except for Walls and Guard Towers) by 25%.
  • Many misc bug-fixes.
  • Many other balance related tweaks for units, tech tree and advisors.

Unit Balance[edit | edit source]

General (Shared)[edit | edit source]

  • Buildings decreased all buildings’ Health by 25% (excluding Storehouses, Walls, and Guard Towers)
  • Villager Gathering Rate from Huntable animals increased to 1.3 from 1.1
  • Merchant Transport Cost decreased to 150w from 200w
  • Scout Movement Speed decreased to 10 from 10.5. LOS decreased to 26 from 30
  • Palintonon minimum Range increased to 17 from 15. LOS decreased to 48 from 61
  • House Build Time decreased to 15 from 20 seconds
  • Storehouse Cost decreased to 75w from 100w. Health decreased to 500 from 1000
  • Watch Post Cost increased to 75w from 50w. LOS decreased to 36 from 46
  • Wall Health decreased to 1500 from 2000. Build Time changed to 3 from 5 seconds (1x2 segments) and 6 from 5 (1x5 segments)
  • Academy Cost decreased to 100w from 200w
  • Wonder Cost decreased to 1000w/1000g/1000s from 2000w/2000g/2000s

Greek[edit | edit source]

  • Toxotes Health decreased to 110 from 177. Damage decreased to 10 from 12. Added +100% Bonus Damage to infantry
  • Sarissophoroi Bonus Damage vs. Sarissophoroi increased to 150% from 50%. Movement Speed increased to 10 from 8. Removed tech Speed bonuses
  • Hoplite Cost increased to 40f/40g from 40f/33g
  • Peltast Health decreased to 120 from 150
  • Prodromos Cost changed to 70f/50g from 70f/48g. Movement Speed increased to 11 from 10.4. Removed tech Speed bonuses
  • Priest Cost decreased to 100g from 120g
  • Gastraphetes Cost increased to 35w/40g from 36w/30g
  • Hippikon Cost increased to 100f/65g from 90f/66g. Population cost increased to 3 from 2
  • Ballista Health decreased to 212 from 235. Minimum Range increased to 13 from 10
  • Fortress Cost decreased to 300w/400s from 600w/500s. Build Time decreased to 180 from 240 seconds

Advisor Units[edit | edit source]

  • Hetairoi Movement Speed decreased to 10 from 10.5. Population cost increased to 3 from 2

Advisor Balance[edit | edit source]

Age I[edit | edit source]

  • Closet Organizer Irene - Storehouse techs Cost reduction decreased to -45/-55/-65/-75% from -26/-34/-42/-50%
  • Rockhound Erastos - Stone Gather bonus increased to 10/15/20/25% from 9/12/15/18%
  • Miner Kleon - Gold Gather bonus increased to 6/9/12/15% from 6/8/10/12%
  • Lumberjack Thutmose - Wood Gather bonus decreased to 5/6/7/8% from 6/8/10/12%
  • Survivalist Agathon - Removed Villager faster Training of 4/6/8/10%. Added Villager cost reduction of 8/12/16/20%. Villager Health bonus increased to 20/30/40/50% from 12/14/20/24%
  • Apprentice Mason Philon - Removed building Cost reduction of 8/11/13/15%. Building Build Time reduction increased to -8/-12/-16/-20% from -8/-11-13/-15%

Age II[edit | edit source]

  • Fence Builder Bes - Wall Cost reduction changed to -33/-33/-66/-66% from -30/-40/-50/-60%. Added Wall Build Time reduction of -20/-30/-40/-50%
  • Seafarer Horus - All ships Health and Train Time increased to 6/9/12/15% from 5/7/9/11%
  • Infantry Sergeant Herakleides - Infantry Train Time reduction increased to -6/-9/-12/-15% from -6/-8/-10/-12%
  • Archer Sergeant Timon - Archers Train Time reduction increased to -6/-9/-12/-15% from -6/-8/-10/-12%
  • Cavalry Sergeant Hermolaos - Cavalry Train Time reduction increased to -6/-9/-12/-15% from -6/-8/-10/-12%
  • Fletcher Gaiana - Archer Range bonus decreased to 6/8/10/12% from 10/13/16/20%
  • Stalwart Lieutenant Panhsj - Removed Guard Tower Health bonus of 13/17/21/25%. Added Guard Tower Damage bonus of 15/20/25/30%
  • General Heron - Removed Cavalry Movement Speed bonus of 10/13/16/20%. Added Cavalry LOS bonus of 20/30/40/50%
  • Trainer Thoth - All unit Food Cost reduction decreased to -5/-6/-7/-8% from -6/-8/-10/-12%
  • Irrigation Specialist Sophia - Removed Food Gather Rate from from Farms bonus of 6/8/10/12%. Added Farm Cost reduction of -20/-30/-40/-50%
  • Penny-Pincher Kleitos - Moved to Age II from Age III. Changed bonus to 20/30/40/50% from 26/34/42/50%

Age III[edit | edit source]

  • Engineer Ligeia. Siege unit Train Time reduction increased to -15/-20/-25/-30% from -10/-16/-20/-24%
  • Professor Socrates - Changed Academy tech Cost reduction to -20/-30/-40/-50% from -26/-34/-42/-50%
  • Blacksmith Kosmas - Changed Archer Snare bonus to 8/12/16/20% from 10/13/16/20%
  • Senior Mason Stephanos - Town Center Stone Cost reduction decreased to -15/-20/-25/-30% from -33/-44/-55/-66%. Added Stone Cost reduction to Guard Towers and Fortresses/Citadels
  • Castle Builder Sostrate - Removed Fortress Health bonus of 6/8/10/12%. Fortress/Citadel Build Time reduction decreased to -20/-25/-30/-35% from -26/-34/-42/-50%
  • Seed-Master Agape - Removed Farm Cost reduction of -26/-34/-42/-50%. Added Food Gather Rate from Farms bonus of 6/8/10/12%

Age IV[edit | edit source]

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Complete revamp of shortcut keys. Added keys for stances, Stop, Flare, Repair, Find Scout, Find Armory, Find Fortress/Citadel, Find Guard Tower, Find Watch Post, Find Wonder, Find Farm, Chat Reply, and exposed many other settings and Capital City shortcuts but left them unmapped. Removed F12 screenshot key as Print Screen already works for screenshots. This is still a work-in-progress, so feedback is welcomed.
  • Changed the behavior of the “Find Villager” shortcut. Previously, it would find one idle villager and auto-select all idle ones in a certain radius. This duplicated the “Find All Idle” shortcut functionality, so now “Find Villager” cycles through each idle villager one at a time.
  • Added default Trade Channel tab. Item links are restricted to only appearing in this channel, and will be auto-diverted in sent messages. When using the format, “WTB/WTS [item],” the a message in this format will be auto-sent to the Trade channel upon clicking the item.
  • Tweaks for mail to clean up some layout problems with attachments.
  • Removed bloom setting in options, since it did nothing.
  • Minor re-skin of chat. Bumped up the default font size slightly.
  • Replaced the default font with a new, more easily localized one
  • Minor tweaks to visuals of the main menu login screen.
  • Moved the unit training queue from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen with the other build queues.
  • Changed max number of characters for a mail message to 560; basically, one screen’s worth. If you need more text, get a room, sheesh.
  • Added new placeholder Sparta icon.
  • Moved game time UI to a spot right below the minimap.
  • Fixes for typos and other minor visual issues.
  • Added Empire Point display to main Capital City layout. Added Sparta points to Capital Report and Treasury UIs.
  • Minor tweaks to Friends List to make the invite process clearer
  • Added achievements to Gameconfig for Live
  • Added ESRB logo to opening splash screen
  • All visual protips updated with new artwork.
  • All visual loadscreens updated with new artwork and appropriate text
  • Redesigned opening billboard to lead you to the Quest Giver. New text as well.
  • Changed the Capital Report font so it looks like it’s actually part of this game.
  • Changed terminology in every quest description. There are no longer any “single player only” quests; they are, by default, single player only unless stated otherwise. The “otherwise” cases are “Co-op Allowed” and “Co-Op Required,” which are now properly appearing. This solves the weird disconnect of PvP quests—either 1v1 or 2v2—being “single player only.” Herp.
  • Changed font and size of crafting recipe requirements to improve readability at all resolutions.
  • Added a “Visit Player” map for friend quests. Fixed incorrect text on Sparta region map.
  • Fixed some incorrect icons on tips screens.
  • Fixed craft school dialog so it’s moveable.
  • Added a background blocker to the pause menu so you no longer get hover states or can manipulate objects in the background while paused.
  • Minor revision to Advisor Hall layout to improve usability. Some of the text was revised, hover tips were added.
  • Removed multi-column layout for quest rewards. The two-column layout caused all sorts of text runaround issues.
  • Revised Welcome screen.
  • Fixed a missing part of the selection UI that showed when you had cows selected.
  • Added the most interesting tip guy in the world.
  • Added all achievements.
  • Tweaks for map layouts to account for future localization issues.
  • Revised Party UI and City Name UI for capital city to better accommodate long names.
  • Removed an incorrect line in the Utility Tab for Greeks.
  • Tweaked the quest timer UI to make it smaller, and so the hourglass animates.
  • New load screens promoting civilization purchases, via advisor callouts, Sparta, and others.
  • Revised the login queue UI so it looked less programmer-y.
  • Subbed in the Sparta PvP image as the background for its region loadscreen.
  • Revised the City Visit UI to support more than two civs.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Ambassador quests will only be available for a pre-existing city if you pack and then unpack the Capital city Embassy.
  • Linking in Trade channel is disabled for people with pre-existing cities. A city wipe is required to obtain that functionality.
  • Quest: Warn Argos
    • This quest is no longer a requirement for getting to Argos. It is also currently marked as obsolete. If you have this quest in your quest list, it will display as “OBSOLETE - ABANDON TO REMOVE.” Please abandon any quests with this title.
  • Quest: Clearing the Road to Argos
    • This quest is no longer a requirement for starting the Argos quest line. It is also currently marked as obsolete. If you have this quest in your quest list, it will display as “OBSOLETE - ABANDON TO REMOVE.” Please abandon any quests with this title.

References[edit | edit source]

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