Battering Ram (Greek)
Greek Siege Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Hit Points440
Sight Range20
Train Time22 s.
Food 0 Wood 250 (150) Gold 80 (30) Population 3
Armor vs. infantry0.30
Armor vs. ranged0.85
Armor vs. cavalry0.30 (0)
Bonus vs. buildings5.0 (6.0)
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The Battering Ram is a Greek Siege Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().

Overview Edit

Battering Ram

Ingame Battering Ram

  • A sturdy war machine, the Battering Ram smashes into walls and buildings with incredible force.

Equipment SlotsEdit



The Battering Ram was an ancient siege engine built to break open masonry walls and break wooden gates. In early models it was simply a large log carried by multiple men and swung at gates using momentum to open said gates. Later, they would be rolled with wheels, suspended with rope, and have a arrow resistant canopy. Eventually the Battering Ram became obsolete due to the introduction of gunpowder.


  • Battering Rams were also used to break hard rocks in mines and quarries.


  • per pop the Greek Ram has one of the highest DPS against buildings. They are also cheaper.