The Bandit Fortress is a consumable in Age of Empires Online.

It can be crafted at the Builder's Hall.

Rarity Material 1 Material 2 HP DPS R. Armor LOS As of release Visual
Common 36 Granite Blocks 16 Bronze Ingots
Uncommon 48 Granite Blocks 16 Bronze Ingots 6871
Rare 48 Granite Blocks 12 Resin Vials 7740 96 0.80 40 "Balance Update" 4/11/2012 #stats
Epic 48 Granite Blocks 12 Iron Ingots
  • "R. Armor" means ranged armor. "LOS" means Line-of-sight. "HP" means health points. "DPS" means damage per second.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Very weak fortress. Can only train advisor units. Available in random loot chests

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