Bandit Archers is a consumable item that, when activated, summons 5 controllable Bandit Archers at the players Town Center.

Image Bandits Resources Description
Bandit Archer C.png Bandit Archers

Health: 141
Damage: 11.7
Range: 27
Speed: 6

Bandit Archer U.png Bandit Archer Veterans

Health: 160
Damage: 13.3
Range: 27
Speed: 6

Bandit Archer R.png Bandit Archer Masters

Health: 177
Damage: 14.7
Range: 27
Speed: 6

Bandit Archer E.png Bandit Archer Champions

Health: 219
Damage: 18.2
Range: 27
Speed: 6

It is included in Class 2, and has a cooldown time of 5 minutes after using, for that class.

It can be crafted at the Builder's Hall.

Rarity Material 1 Material 2 HP DPS Materials proof

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The COMMON is obtained with learning the Archery profession at the crafting hall.

The UNCOMMON recipe may be bought at Nubia Recipe Store, Mycenae Recipe Store, Massalia Recipe Store or the Advanced Recipe Store for 500 coin.

The RARE recipe can be purchased for 1000 coin from the Argos Recipe Store, the Babylon Recipe Store, or the Sparta General Store.

The EPIC version is only obtainable through random chest drop.

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