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Badari Beat-Down
Egyptian Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)King Narmer
CityCapital City
PreviousTravelers and Traders
NextHelping the Generals
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Badari Beat-Down is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives[]

Defeat the Badari with the help of Advisor Nekhbet, Protector of the Lost Nekhbet's Desert Swordsmen, Axemen, Slingers, and Triremes.

  • Gold Caravans Killed: 0/10
  • Badari Chieftains Killed: 0/4


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Quest Giver Dialog[]

King Narmer
It is time to sever the head of the Badari snake. Those villains have taken a series of Gold Mines that I had calculated into our plans for unifying Egypt. As long as the Badari mine that Gold, they not only delay us, but they also become a far more dangerous enemy. To get back on schedule, we must eliminate the camps and their leaders.
Advisor Nekhbet of Nubia has provided a few elite Desert Swordsmen, Axemen, Slingers, and Triremes to aid our cause. Beat down all opposition!
King Narmer
If the Badari continue to control the area, I will have to reschedule all of our plans!
King Narmer
Not only have we struck a terrible blow against the Badari, we now have access to a wealth of gold.