The Babylonian Civilization is one of the six playable civilizations in Age of Empires Online. It is a Pro Civilization, therefore it must be purchased with Empire Points. Formerly codenamed as Annies, it was the fifth civilization revealed. The Babylonians were introduced on the first anniversary of the game's release, August 14, 2012.


In the lands of ancient Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers a great civilization was born. Behold… Babylon! While the Babylonians have a military on par with all others, as you will soon see they are the ideal Civilization for building an economic juggernaut. Build Ox Carts and watch your villager’s gathering efficiency soar! Plant gardens to speed up your research and production or discover the Wonder of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! Your armies await your command in the lands of Babylon![1].

Unique Features

  • Economy-based civilization as their brother civilization, Egyptian
  • Capable of training armies in a short period of time.
  • Ox Cart, which acts as a mobile storehouse.
  • Unique military units include the
    • Shield Bearer: Absorbs pierce damage easily but easily falls to melee damage.
    • Sapper: Infantry that acts as mobile siege being able to attack units and deal an impact to buildings.
    • Lancer: Cavalry that are effective against infantry and can use a charge ability that deals 300% more damage upon impact, provided that Champion Lancer upgrade is purchased.
  • Babylonian Siege Towers, which can garrison units to provide powerful ranged attacks and defend units from devastating siege and archers.
  • The Ziggurat, which trains Babylonian Priests, must be constructed to enter the Bronze Age. It also researches the following ages. Researches utility technologies such as Pharmacology.
  • The Garden, which shortens research and training time for all technologies and units.
    • The gardens also provide a food trickle of 1.
    • This can be upgraded with the Cultivation upgrade providing an additional 0.5 food trickle.
    • Only 4 can be built in the Bronze Age.
    • Only 8 can be built in the Silver Age (automatically upgraded to Large Gardens with a higher benefit to buildings)
    • Only 12 can be built in the Golden Age (automatically upgraded to Royal Gardens with a higher benefit to buildings)
    • Each garden costs more to build depending on how many are already built.
  • Babylonian villagers can construct inexpensive Clay Wall (Babylonian) out of wood. These walls are quicker to build and repair, but less durable. (Upgrading walls changes the cost to stone like other walls)
  • Has a very strong stable lineup with many ranged units.

Champion Mode Start





Behind the scenes


On June 11, 2012 AOEO Trajan announced details regarding a Pro civilization being released on the game's first anniversary patch.[[|[5]]] Codenamed as Annies, the civilization was revealed as the Babylonians on August 9, 2012 on Eurogamer.[[|[6]]] The Babylonian civilization was released on the game's first anniversary, August 16, 2012.



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