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Argos Recipe Store
Argos Recipe Store Panel.jpg
UseSells Recipes in exchange for Coins
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The Argos Recipe Store sells one recipe for each profession for coins. All recipes from this store create Rare items.


Icon Quality Item Cost
Bandit Spearmen R.png Rare Recipe: Bandit Spearmen Coin 750 Coin
Bandit Tower R.png Rare Recipe: Bandit Tower Coin 750 Coin
Bandit Cavalry R.png Rare Recipe: Bandit Cavalry Coin 750 Coin
Bandit Archer R.png Rare Recipe: Bandit Archers Coin 750 Coin
Cattle R.png Rare Recipe: Special Ability: Cattle Rustler Coin 1000 Coin
QuarryPitRare.png Rare Recipe: Special Ability: Quarry Pit Coin 1000 Coin
Gold Deposit R.jpg Rare Recipe: Special Ability: Discovery Gold Deposit Coin 1000 Coin


Massalia / Mycenae / Nubia ♠[]

♠ Each cities stores have the same contents -- minus advisors