Argos Advisor Store
Argos Advisor Store Panel
UseSells Advisors in exchange for AP
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The Argos Advisor Store sells a selection of Uncommon quality Advisors.

Items Edit

Advisor Name Argos Points
Cowardly Colonel Pamphilos 125
Good Sailor Ammon 125
Councilman Onesiphorus 125
Irrigation Specialist Sophia 125
Castle Builder Sostrate 125
Leather-Worker Ptolemais 200
Tawaret's Sandal Maker 200
Trajectory Specialist Timo 200
Master of Chase Namor 200
Helepolis Engineer Medias 200

Trivia Edit

Formerly these cost Argos Points.


Massalia / Mycenae / Nubia ♠Edit

♠ Each cities stores have the same contents -- minus advisors


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