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The Arena is a Capital City building used to create custom matches by inviting other players into a party and setting the PvP parameters yourself.

Overview Edit

It includes Champion Mode PvP and the ability to observe. If you play using the Arena you will also be able to select your map. To initiate a custom PVP game you must use the Arena.

To get the building you need to be level 3, and talk to the spartan commander in the Sparta region. He will give you the blueprint with which you can place the Arena in your home city. Use the chat as your lobby and add people of your skill level to get matches faster and to allow you to improve the best way.

Customization Edit


The new interface of the arena lets you choose from the next variants to suit the different needs:

  • Map Size: Small, Standard, Large, Huge, Random
  • Map Resources: Low, Standard, High, Random
  • Player Resources: Low, Standard, High, Very High, Random
  • Modes:
    • Champion Mode: Play the Sparta PVP tech trees not taking into account capital city level or equipped gear.
    • Free-for-All Mode: Enable FFA (no teams) play up to 5 players with its own map pool
    • Handicap Mode: Adjust Rates (training, research, gather & construction speed) to balance different skill players matchup.
  • Colors: the Leader is able to choose between 8 colors for each of the 5 players.

Project Celeste: Arena 2.0 Edit

Header - Arena 2.0

Header of the new changes in Sep 21st, 2020 changelog.

In the September 21st, 2020 Changelog some changes were announced by Project Celeste in the Server Maintenance 'September 21, 2020' forum post. In which the Free For All up to 5 players feature was implemented.

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