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Aqueducts.png Aqueducts
[B]uff Villagers and/or the Economy in some way.
Points: 0
Research Costs:
Civilization(s): Roman

The Aqueducts is a Roman technology which is researchable through the Forum Forum.


The technology was first revealed in Weekly Blog #10: Forum, Cretan Bowman, Armory forum post on July 27th, 2019. Although no clear information was given on how it will work.

There also was a rumored Aqueduct building, but we have found no trace of such a thing anywhere in our documents and instead believe that it was never going to be a building at all, but was simply the name of a Tech in the Forum. (The longstanding Roman wiki page appears to misidentify this as a building and is probably the source of the rumor. However, if you look closely, the icon is that of a Tech and not a Building.)
Though we have some specific ideas for the Aqueducts Tech, every new Tech is subject to change during balance testing, so we don’t want to bog this post down with details that will almost certainly be tweaked. But our Forum will also feature the Aqueduct Tech, which will buff Villagers and/or the Economy in some way.