Like any organization at war, each alliance competing in the Alliance Wars has a set of ranks. Ranks are awarded to alliance players who work hard and contribute many alliance points to their alliance's war effort. As a result of their higher station, players with higher ranks are awarded with more enhanced passive bonuses than their lower ranked counterparts. Upon joining an alliance, recruits start at the lowest rank, Foot Soldier. As Foot Soldiers work harder and harder for their alliance, they could be promoted through the ranks. Foot Soldiers can be promoted to Platoon Commanders, Platoon Commanders can be promoted to Company Commanders, and Company Commanders can be promoted to the highest rank, the Division General. Division Generals have passive bonuses that are double the amount of a Foot Soldier's.

As these ranks are purely merit-based, recruits who become inactive for a prolonged period of time may lose their ranks, possibly all the way back down to a Foot Soldier.

Council of Imhotep Rank Bonus Edit

For joining the Council of Imhotep, alliance members will receive reduced upgrade cost, reduced priest cost, and improved military health.

  • Words of Imhotep: Reduce research cost of all upgrades. (Including technology upgrades)
  • Medicine: Improves military unit's health. (Excluding ships)
  • Divinity: Reduce priest's cost.
Council of Imhotep's Passive Bonuses
Rank Words of Imhotep Medicine Divinity Image
Foot Soldier 3.75% 4.5% 6% WordofImhotepIMedicineIDivinityI
Platoon Commander 5% 6% 8% WordofImhotepIIMedicineIIDivinityII
Company Commander 6.25% 7.5% 10% WordofImhotepIIIMedicineIIIDivinityIII
Division General 7.5% 9% 12% WordofImhotepIVMedicineIIIDivinityIV

Delian League Rank Bonus Edit

For joining the Delian League, alliance members will receive improved gathering of all villagers, reduced building's cost and improved building's health.

  • Delian Resolve: Improves all gathering rate. (Includes Fishing Boat gather rate)
  • Treasury: Reduces building cost.
  • Long Walls: Increases building health.
Delian League's Passive Bonuses
Rank Delian Resolve Treasury Long Walls Image
Foot Soldier 0.6% 3% 4.5% DelianResolveIDelianTreasuryILongWallsI
Platoon Commander 0.8% 4% 6% DelianResolveIIDelianTreasuryIILongWallsII
Company Commander 1% 5% 7.5% DelianResolveIIIDelianTreasuryIIILongWallsIII
Division General 1.2% 6% 9% DelianResolveIVDelianTreasuryIVLongWallsIV

Legion of Carthage Rank Bonus Edit

For joining the Legion of Carthage, alliance members will receive improved military unit's attack, reduced training time of all military unit and increased food gathering rate.

  • Strength of Carthage: Improve land military unit's attack.
  • Mercenaries: Reduce training of all military unit. (Includes naval units)
  • Merchant Trade: Improve food gathering rate.
Legion of Carthage's Passive Bonuses
Rank Strength of Carthage Mercenaries Merchant Trade Image
Foot Soldier 2.25% 1.5% 3% StrengthOfCarthageIMercenariesIMerchantTradeI
Platoon Commander 3% 2% 4% StrengthOfCarthageIIMercenariesIIMerchantTradeII
Company Commander 3.75% 2.5% 5% StrengthOfCarthageIIIMercenariesIIIMerchantTradeIII
Division General 4.5% 3% 6% StrengthOfCarthageIVMercenariesIVMerchantTradeIV
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