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Alliance Wars are a team-based competition for Level 40 players. There are three alliances fighting for dominance by accumulating the most Alliance Points in Daily Battles, Weekly Campaigns, and Monthly Wars.


  • The Delian League led by Archimedes, a hero ranged unit that can throw javelins at enemies.

  • The Council of Imhotep led by Imhotep, a hero priest unit that can heal units, empower buildings, and can attack units with his melee weapon when he is needed to defend.

  • The Legion of Carthage led by Hannibal, a hero melee unit that can deal a critical attack upon his critical charge, easily wiping out units that are unprepared for his charge.

Alliance Points[]

Completing most quests while you’re in an Alliance will earn you Alliance Points (or AP). The total AP earned by everyone in your Alliance (or ‘Total War Effort’) is used to determine the winning team. The winning team will receive faster empire points. You can earn Alliance points through Alliance Wars Quests, PvP, Skirmish, Defense of Crete, Northern Hold and Legendary Quests.

Empire Point Rewards[]


At the end of each contest, Empire Points are awarded to all participants. The amount is determined by two factors: what place your Alliance came in, and how much you contributed to your Alliance. In general, being a large contributor to your Alliance is worth more than coming in first. If an Alliance is at a disadvantage with fewer members and low participation, its members will get a bonus to their EP rewards meaning you can earn more empire points. There’s no shame in joining an Alliance that’s in third.

  • The pictures on the right displays which alliance contributed the most during a battle, campaign, or war. From top to bottom displays how much effort was contributed to the alliance.

Empire Point Bonus[]


At the end of each contest, the server decides which Alliance would require an Empire Point bonus to allow more participation in the alliance. If the alliance are always in the third place of every battle, campaign or war. The Empire Point bonus for that alliance will increase. Likewise, alliance in the first place shall not receive an Empire Point Bonus otherwise, alliances with an Empire Point Bonus in first place shall decrease over each victory.

  • The first icon displays that a major Empire Point Bonus is included in this alliance. This usually means this alliance is constantly in third place and requires a great war effort in order to lead this alliance to victory.
  • The second icon displays that a moderate Empire Point Bonus is included in this alliance. This usually means this alliance is sometime in third place but not always; therefore would require some war effort in order to lead the alliance to victory.
  • The third icon displays that a minor Empire Point Bonus is included in this alliance. This usually means this alliance somehow lost for the first time and now earned this bonus. This is usually fixed with little effort or become worse by losing more becoming the icons above.



Is one Alliance dominating? Team up with another Alliance to take them down! You can choose to use a percentage of your AP to reduce the War Effort of an enemy Alliance. The best part is, you’ll still earn full participation credit regardless of where your AP goes.

  • Warning! This will reduce the amount of empire points you will earn, unless you earned more than enough to sabotage.


There are three simultaneous contests running at any given time: the Daily Battle, Weekly Campaign, and Monthly War. Any time you earn AP, you will contribute the same amount to each contest. When each contest ends, Empire Points are awarded and the contest is over. All expired contests will be stored in the Archives to review for a period of time.

Overall, if you received the maximum Empire Points for every battle, campaign and war. By the end of the month, you will have a maximum of 1584 Empire Points. This is enough for a premium civilization and a booster pack.

If you are in an alliance that has fewer members and hence receive a bonus to the amount of Empire Points you earn, it is possible to go over the maximum of 18/126/540 Empire points.

Alliance Ranks[]

There are four ranks (lowest to highest): Foot Soldier, Platoon Commander, Company Commander, and Division General. Higher rankings increase the percentages of Alliance Bonuses. Ranking is determined by the amount of contributions a member makes to his/her Alliance over time. It is recalculated periodically based on a member's Alliance Point yield in comparison to that of all other Alliance members. Therefore theoretically, it is easier to climb ranks in smaller alliances. A member's rank will drop if they become inactive over a long period of time.

Alliance Gear[]

Each Alliance sells their own unique pieces of equipment that fit with their theme. This level 40 gear ranges from decent rare gear to some of the best possible Legendaries. You can browse the stores in each Alliance’s capital, but you must be a member in order to use the gear. For example,

  •  The Legion of Carthage favors the militaristic playstyle, having a quick and stronger army to stand against your foes and replacing it faster.
  • The Delian League favors the economic playstyle, building an army and replacing it again with your amass resources, while having strong buildings to help go on the defense when your army isn't there.
  • The Council of Imhotep favors the religious playstyle, counting on priests to make your technological advanced army with your cheaper technology bonus. The Council of Imhotep also gives out more health to your units.

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