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From Jul 26th to Aug 29th, 2020 enjoy the exclusive quests for the Summer event for 2020 . Featuring 3 new items, new minigame quests and another legendary quest.
  • Craft the limited Solstice items!
  • Get the exclusive Vanity and Decoration!

The collaborative encyclopedia about Age of Empires Online & Project Celeste, that anyone can edit.

Age of Empires Online is a MMORTS produced by Microsoft Studios. Project Celeste brought back the game and made it completely free.

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  • The wiki utilizes the same forum as the Project Celeste team. You can find their forums here.
  • While we do not use the Fandom chat feature, you can chat with other AOEO players on the Project Celeste Discord: here.


  • T he administrators of Age of Empires Online Wiki are Kaz and ElitistBody841. Feel free to ask them anything you have any concerns with.
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  • Kenji 03

    End of Q2 2019 report

    July 25, 2019 by Kenji 03

    Kenji_03 here,

    What's new?:

    • Updated the Nav bar with more relevant links
    • Working on making a page for each of the Northern Invasion Quests, Celtic_Main_Campaign quests, and The Realms of the World Ques…
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  • Kenji 03

    Kenji_03 here,

    So, between the game launching, shutting down, and the various revitalization projects there have been a LOT of changes.

    I'm trying to get this resource for players up-to-date, but it's …

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  • KazMx

    Last year, we saw 6 new event-exclusive Gear items, alongside new Vanity Gear, Capital City Decorations, Consumables, Summer Points and more. You can read about last year's S…

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