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Advanced General Store
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TypeAdvanced General Store
UseSells materials, consumables, buildings.
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The Advanced General Store is a Tier 2 Pro Civilization-only Store which can be placed in a Persian or Babylonian Capital City. Here you can buy higher Resources and Consumables. The Blueprint for this building can be bought from a Recipe store, and are cannot be traded.

Advanced general store building.png


Items available:

Item Name Cost
Leather (10) 30 C
Bronze Ingots (10) 30 C
Olive Oil (10) 30 C
Oak Planks (10) 30 C
Granite Blocks (10) 30 C
Apprentice Mason Philon (Uncommon) 225 C
Mercenary Phlanxes (Common) 250 C
Mercenary Archers (Common) 300 C
Perstockolis (Persian) or
Repositamia (Babylonian)
500 C

General Stores: