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Community Spotlight - LifeReloaded


Hello, and welcome to the 2nd edition of our Community Spotlight. This time around we have snagged another prominent figure from the forums, LifeReloaded, and sat him down for a few minutes to dive in to his story. Check it out below:

BigTwinkle: Well hello, LifeReloaded. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself. Who are you, where are you from, and what makes you tick?

LifeReloaded: I am 32 years old; I graduated from university of Michigan back in 04 with an accountant degree. I work at a bank at the moment seven days a week. I have 2 kids’ 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter. Me and there mom are not together she moved to south Dakota and i get them every summer for about 6 weeks. In my spare time when not working I love the game. Right now I work eat sleep and play aoeo... Just how I like it.
BT: When did you first start with the Age franchise?

LR: I started playing Command and Conquer back in ‘95 and when age of empires came out I was so excited about a new real style strategy game coming out. I started playing age of empires back in 97 I want to say I bought every one after that... fell in love with the game and will buy every one after Age of Empires Online. Crossing fingers and toes this won’t be the end.
BT: Now that all this time has passed, what has kept you coming back?

LR: I love this game; I look back at old games and still think the online version is not best. But I still think the developers of the game can get it right in time. I guess we all have things when we are kids that we loved, but for me real time strategy gaming was it. I remember other kinds of computer games, but this was it for me when I started back in 95 with Command and Conquer.
BT: What is your favorite civilization to use, and why?

LR: Oh I just love this question, its perfect in every way. I have to say it’s a tie between Celts and Persians. Here is why Celts infantry are just super and awesome. I love how Celts Woad Raiders can rush in and kill units easy with damage per second 150ish, Long Swordsmen and best unit in game for infantry, hands down they can take abuse well and give it back. Also they have a speed of over 7. Now if use 10% speed advisor to infantry can make them all move faster. Also I use the 10% more health Advisor - helps a lot no matter what unit you use. The Archers are best bowmen in game with damage per second over 100 or massive critical hit over 40%...Last but not least their rams are just fun they are fast and deadly buy kind of useless in Legs.

Now the Persians I love, also, because of the unique units like immortals that can use arrows and a sword. Also with the best Calvary in the game from cataphracts and horse archers. Nothing can kill you in a match easy. Let’s not forget war wagons with such great range it’s just retarded. lol. But last but not least spara’s are best unit to take damage in game. They can take many hit from anything including balis with a 300% siege bonus from one of their upgrades.

BT: Totally speaking hypothetically, if you could pick the next few civilizations to come out, what would they be and why?

LR: To be honest I have no idea, I know many people have their thoughts. What I want is something different, something that has not been done yet. I hate seeing same old same old stuff over and over. So it won’t matter to me what civ comes next as long as it’s not some old stuff like romans... Let’s be unique and think out of the box
BT: You publish a ton of videos showcasing PvP matches. <> What made you first get in to doing that, and why do you continue to do so?

LR: I don’t make PvP videos I make pve videos. But I used to post screen shots over and over with record times, people wanted to see how we did it not see the end result. So I did research on best program to use because I wanted to make sure it was safe for my computer. I found fraps and works great!!!!!!

I keep doing more pve videos because it helps newcomers to the game and I keep doing different kinds of units because many people like me are sick of running same legend maps with same units every day. This brings variety to the game we all love.
BT: Let’s say you’re not playing AoEO, what could we possibly find you out doing?

LR: Have a stroke and die!!!!!!!! But honestly I would just work on my home because summer is here and wait for Diablo three to come out in may 15th. I have always been a gamer and will be one until the day I die. I am also waiting for new command and conquer games.
BT: Hypothetical: You’re stuck on a desert island with only 3 things. What are those things!

LR: My computer unlimited power supply and the best satellite internet connection in the world… ill find food and water: P
BT: If you could pick one unit from Age of Empires Online to have in real life, to do with what you will, which unit would you choose and why?

LR: I would like a Woad Raider so he can do all my running around for me so I can save money on gas.
Big thanks to LifeReloaded for taking the time out of his day to answer these questions for us.

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