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Welcome to our very first installment of “Ask a Dev!”

How it works: We have started a forum thread for our players to post the questions they would like to see answered by our design/dev team.

While any question is welcomed there are a few things we simply cannot answer:

  • We cannot answer what we do not know.
    • Want to ask us what the exact date for the Summer Update is? We cannot tell you because we do not know. (It is still in the depths of testing.)
  • There is some information that we are not going to share.
    • Want to know what the next Civ is? That is something we are not yet willing to share. (Why take all that teasing fun away from AOEO Trajan?)
  • There are some things we cannot share due to business constraints.
    • Want to know how much money we are making per civ? Sorry, we simply cannot reveal that information.

So what CAN you expect an answer for?

  • Want to know why a civ was not adjusted in the latest balance patch? Ask away!
  • Want to know how we decide which civ to do next? Ask away!
  • Want to know if we are putting in a specific feature request? Ask away!
  • Want to know why one feature was given priority over another? You guessed it... ask away!

This thread will remain open for questions and discussion until Sunday April 29th. Please note that it is important that you let us know which questions you, the community, feel are a priority. While I would love to have all your questions answered, the devs are very busy and apparently don’t have time to be at my beck and call. (Who knew?!) Based on your feedback we will take the top 5 – 10 questions (depending on complexity) and write up a blog post addressing those questions.

Since this process is new, we may change the way it is handled in the future. If you have any suggestions on how you would like to see this run in the future please do not hesitate to let us know!

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


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