Game balance can be a delicate, subtle art, one that often takes several tweaks and adjustments to get just right... our next patch is just that.

Here are the balance changes that will be implemented in the next 2 – 3 weeks:


  • Decreased damage to 8 from 10
  • Increased bonus damage vs. Ranged to +200% from +150%

Why the change? Large Peltast armies performed so well in so many situations that this often discouraged the usage of alternate units; their all-purpose strength allowed them to fill unintended roles. We have reduced their all-purpose effectiveness while keeping them roughly as strong as before in their intended role.

Mounted Archer

  • Increased speed to 10 from 9

Why the change? To differentiate the Mounted Archer's battlefield role from the Asabara and the Cataphract (which both tend to be strong head-to-head combat units), we’re strengthening the Mounted Archer’s ability to rapidly raid and defend against raids.


  • Increased bonus damage vs. Infantry to +150% from +100%

Why the change? Cataphracts are already a strong all-purpose unit in terms of pop-efficiency, but they were not very efficient at fulfilling their intended anti-infantry role.


  • Increased damage to 28 from 16
  • Decreased bonus damage vs. Ranged to +150% from +200%

Why the change? Carpentoms underperformed against most units, including many units they were designed to counter. This change increases their multi-purpose combat strength significantly.

Merchant Transport

  • Decreased damage to 16 from 32

Why the change? Merchant Transports used to perform very well against Triremes. They had strong base stats, both for cost and pop. They can also dodge Trireme attacks, but Triremes cannot dodge Merchant Transport arrows. Now, however, Triremes perform well against the weakened Merchant Transport, despite their micro disadvantage.


  • Decreased LOS to 26 from 30

Why the change? The LOS gained per cost on Storehouses was too high relative to Watch Posts. However, Storehouse LOS remains high enough so that villagers can easily see nearby resources.

That’s it for our Balance Update. We will be announcing the exact date for these changes just as soon as we are able.

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