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The Next Civilization Coming to Age of Empires Online


With the release of the Celts now behind us, we are able to discuss what’s next for Age of Empires Online. As you know AoEO draws its inspiration from various chapters in the history of mankind. From the Greeks to the Celts we have enjoyed bringing you each civilization with their unique features, tools and culture. So where do we go from here? What comes after the Celts? Sometimes the best way to go forward is to go back.

Introducing: The Neanderthals

Official announcement image4.png

Our goal in developing the Neanderthals is to give players who appreciate a simpler gaming experience a civilization they would really, really enjoy. Here are some of the features we are working on:

  • This ‘pre-civ’ starts at level 1 and advances all the way up through level 5.
  • By purchasing this ‘pre-civ’ you will have immediate access to top leveling gear: Loin cloth and club, or even the legendary “Club with spike”.
  • Star tech – Fire!
  • Aging up – Collect enough bones from enemies or animals.
  • Steal enemy technology by dragging units back to “Cave”
  • Unlock unit upgrades through cave painting
  • Scout units can domesticate wolves
  • Spearmen power boost by eating animals. (…or enemy troops)
  • Advisor: “Raaargh” – gives access to elite Bouldersmash! siege troops

Build your civilization from the ground. Start with the Neanderthal’s unique Town Center: Official announcement image5.jpg

Complete new and exciting quests:

  • Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ - Help gain experience for your civilization with the advent of the wheel!
  • Ugug cook meat! – Reduce the risk of bacterial infection amongst your units.
  • FIRE BURN! – Teach your villagers the dangers of fire and increase their health by 10% (This quest is repeatable as your villagers may be slow to learn.)

Access to a full new tech tree and unit roster that includes special units:

  • The Hunter: Effective against infantry and animals at short range with special scent attack.
    Official announcement image7.jpg
  • The Axeman: An impressive, loud, killing unit capable of extreme, often focused, barbarism.
    Official announcement image8.jpg
  • The Spearman, with his very VERY pointy stick.
    Official announcement image9.jpg
  • The Navy: Persistent , dedicated, stealthy…
    Official announcement image10.jpg
  • The Neanderthal Cavalry: Intimidate your enemies with their impressive might!Official announcement image11.jpg
  • The Neanderthal’s Tech Tree is unlike any other civilization to date. Keep your focus by sticking to the basics.
    Official announcement image12.jpg

The Neanderthal’s are on their way so get ready to help them ensure their rightful place in history!

Coming soon…

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